October 24




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The Alibi

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An evening with the incredible and ground breaking PROJECT Trio!


Greg Pattillo – flute

Daniel Berkley – saxophone

Peter Seymour – Double Bass


PROJECT Trio is a dynamic and innovative music group known for their genre-blending performances and captivating stage presence. The trio pushes the boundaries of traditional chamber music with their unique fusion of classical, jazz, hip-hop, and world music influences. With virtuosic musicianship and contagious energy, PROJECT Trio has gained worldwide acclaim for their electrifying performances that defy categorization and captivate audiences of all ages. Their creative and adventurous approach to music-making has earned them a devoted following, making them a trailblazing force in the contemporary music landscape.

The Trio is acclaimed by Downbeat Magazine as “packed with musicianship, joy and surprise” and “exciting a new generation of listeners about the joys of classical and jazz music.” Gramophone Magazine singled out the group as “an ensemble willing and able to touch on the gamut of musical bases ranging from Baroque to nu-Metal and taking in pretty much every stylism in between.”

PROJECT Trio has amassed a significant following on YouTube, Their channel has over 100 million views and 100,000 subscribers. They have also had 2 albums appear on the Billboard Charts Top 10 for classical and instrumental.

“First Rate Playing!”  – Wall Street Journal